CISO Augmentation Services typically focuses on providing tactical and operational services to help CISOs and other personnel in customer organizations streamline and improve the fulfilment of their duties and responsibilities.

Berigo’s CISO Augmentation Services are designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of CISOs and their teams within client organizations. Our focus is on delivering tactical and operational support that directly addresses the unique challenges these professionals face in their roles.

Our services aim to optimize the performance of your cybersecurity operations, providing expert guidance and hands-on assistance to help you navigate the complex landscape of information security. Whether it’s streamlining processes, implementing best practices, or providing insights into emerging threats, our CISO Augmentation Services are tailored to bolster your cybersecurity posture.

We understand the weight of the responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of CISOs and their teams. That’s why our services are designed to not just support, but to amplify their efforts, driving meaningful improvements in their day-to-day operations. With Berigo’s CISO Augmentation Services, we empower your cybersecurity leaders to excel in their roles and advance your organization’s security objectives.

  • Delivery Services
    • Cybersecurity Program Implementation
    • Virtual CISO
    • Penetration Testing services
    • Purchasing support services
    • Risk Management
  • Audit Services
    • Compliance Audit
    • Cybersecurity Audit
    • Third-Party Audit
    • Change management, communication, motivation