Knowledge and competence is required for anyone with responsibilities within the information security, risk management, compliance and related disciplines. Berigo Training and Education Services helps enabling personnel to step up to their responsibilities through bespoke or standardized training courses, delivered as open classes or classes internal to the customer organization. Berigo Training and Education Services can be delivered for individuals and groups at the strategic, tactical and operational levels alike.

Berigo’s Training and Education Services are designed to empower individuals across all levels of an organization with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage information security, risk, and compliance. We understand that expertise in these areas is not just a requirement, but a cornerstone of successful business operations.

Our offerings range from custom-tailored courses to standardized training programs, all aimed at enhancing understanding and proficiency in these critical disciplines. We offer flexible delivery options, including open classes for diverse participants or exclusive sessions tailored to the needs of a specific organization.

Whether you’re an executive seeking strategic insights, a manager in need of tactical guidance, or an operational staff member looking to improve day-to-day practices, Berigo’s Training and Education Services are designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need. We are committed to fostering a culture of security and compliance, one training session at a time.

  • Standard training
    • GDPR Compliance Training
    • KBF Regulations Training
    • NIS2 Directive Training
    • Risk Management
  • Tailored
    • GDPR Compliance Training (Industry specific)
    • Sector-Specific Cybersecurity Training